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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Who said life was easy ?

Who said life was easy ? I look all around me as I am being driven in my car to my preferred destination of exploring at leisure the seven cities of erstwhile Delhi and I am going over this in my head. I went to a talk yesterday directed to expat women and their ability or not to adapt to India and its Indian ways and while some of the issues were left unexplored I came away with this nugget thrown out by the speaker. We have grown up to expect that life will be easy and I do so recognize the effort and commitment that went into this from my mother and father who bent over backwards to make sure that we had an easy, uncomplicated, privileged life. 
But is this a promise that we need ? Is this a weapon that helps us deal with life on a daily basis. 
The answer is sadly not. 
The majority of us have learnt to expect nothing less than the best and often the slightest rocking of that comfort boat is likely to start storms.We have learnt to expect the perfect and the pretty, the straightforward and the stylish, the exclusive and eclectic.
Walking and driving in this city gives me the daily reminder that life is far from easy and I could not give a damn that my shoes do not match my handbag but can only say that I have more that is easy in my life than those around me. From the streets of today

We drove alongside this man as he pushed his impossible load forward in impossible traffic.

The rubbish pickers at a local dump.


  1. I felt the same way ... that there was SO much more that could be talked about. Would make for a great monthly discussion group.

    Anyway ... I took away the same nugget ... no one promised me this life would be easy. It's when we mess up on our expectations that life can drag us down.

  2. Yes it was a bit of a shame - too many raised expectations and not enough time or answers.Still always great when we can come away with an insight isnt it. Love mm

  3. hi
    Havent we always said, life ISNT easy, but lets be honest its a damn site easier for us than two thirds of the world who dont know where the next meal is coming from...so there is always the question of relativity (as Einstien would say!)
    Celia x


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