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Friday, 26 February 2010

Living in India

Living in India you often feel the need to help. A lot of us find instant niches and there is an abundance of good causes. You can start with the very small, charity starts at home, with your staff,  to the very big, finding a cause and running with it succesfully. I have become involved with the United Nations International Association and they run a kindergarten which I visited yesterday with children from my son's school.
We went to Dav Senior Secondary school Janpura in Nizamuddin which houses the kindergarten. It is fully supported by UNIA and the children are given uniforms, encouraged to attend on a regular basis and given scholarships to go on with schooling at a later stage.These are very poor children where often their one full meal is the one they get in school.
There was an immediate and stark difference between the kindergarten which receives some external funding and the rest of the school which was an ordinary secondary school. The school classrooms were tiny, the children had no desks or chairs and for the most part they were filthy and dark and probably quite cold in the winter and baking hot in the summer.

The Kindergarten was roomed in two big rooms where the children at least had some poor carpeting to sit on and they had an abundance of learning aids, puzzles, building bricks and pens and paper.
These are the happy and delightful faces we came across and who will form the back bone of this country.
It is moments like these when you wish you were a Gates !

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  1. Great post Marina! Would love to learn more about the school.


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