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Friday, 31 July 2015

A sign of things to come.

I was walking by the Broncos Training ground, and for those of you not familiar with them, this is a Brisbane Rugby team. They were out training today and this sign caught my eye.

They are warning us about drones operating overhead and combined with the Ozzie concern for health and safety we are told they may be overhead (where else could they be ??) and we are asked to locate and observe. I suppose this is the first such notice I have seen and this posting is as much for my grandchildren who may find this in the years to come and laugh their heads off reading what their grandmother thought was novel or odd. And to that I have to add the myriad other technological advances that I can barely get my head around, before I realise that everyone else has moved on to something else, from mirror-less cameras, from the voyeurism of Facebook and the incessant need to publicise every aspect of some lives, to reducing your thoughts and emotions on twitter wisdoms of 140 characters, and insisting the world be told, to a cornucopia of visual images on Instagram and the various Clouds and Drop Boxes that are floating around. 

Of course it is important to try and keep up but also to recognise that each is a passing phase and as the kids now abandon Facebook to the oldies, so we too, will soon abandon it for something new. Or dare I even suggest something old and tested, like picking up a good book, even if it is the Kindle Variety and seeing what an author has to say over the page instead of the pointless, lets face it, likes or dislikes on Facebook however amusing they may be. Facebook keeps contacts with parts of our life alive,in a tenuous and non threatening way,  and it is excellent in ensuring even those of us without 1000 friends are feted on Birthdays and who can argue with that. Now apparently for those wanting to continue their Facebook presence even after they have left this earth, they can appoint someone who will continue to post to family and friends even though they have crossed to the other side. That is a slightly unsettling thought but we have to give credit where it is due, even in this aspect of their forward planning. It is great for kickstarting campaigns and disseminating some information but for the most part it is totally time wasting. Trouble is patterns have been set and habits hold hard, at least for the time being, and if I didn't post this on FB would anyone bother to go to my blog? Necessary evil ? passing phase ? Our lives are on the page for as much as we want the world to see and perhaps we still have a modicum of choice around that. This latest craze however is on another level and may be a sign of how things will be, when our lives will be filmed from up above, and all we are asked to do is to locate and observe. 

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