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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sentiment sound if not the spelling

But what they don't say is women need to do so too. Everywhere you go in India you find the men wearing safety helmets but the women and children riding on the back are always without any protection whatsoever.
Less important, more dispensable, or just a question of cost ?


  1. I have the same question, concern. Hoping someone steps in to give some input!

  2. Nice observation.
    Earlier safety helmets were compulsory only for the person Driving a two-wheeler.
    Later, when they were made compulsory for Both the passengers, it referred to both Males and Females.
    But soon after the ruling, the women requested and kinda revolted Against this with their argument that it Ruins their hair-style. After some debate, the safety helmet was made compulsory for the person driving a 2-wheeler(male or female) and for any second Male passenger on the vehicle.


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