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Friday, 26 August 2011

The phenomenon that is Anna Hazare

Whether you are resident in India or resident abroad chances are you will have heard this name by now.
This is the 74 Indian who has sparked a wildfire of indian peaceful protest for the elimination of corruption in India. He is currently fasting and he can be found in Ramila Maidan in the centre of Delhi.
Daily, the newspapers are full of reports of his movements and his pronouncements, of the ever increasing crowds that come to lend their support and the jittery and uncertain steps of Congress as they attempt to douse the fire and take things back from his control.
My driver Shiva who is from Kerala went to lend his voice and support to Anna Hazare and this is his account:
"I went by Metro though I was not sure where to go. As soon as I got out of the Metro someone took out a tricolour waved it in the air and we all followed him. We went to Ramila Maidan. This is a large area like a stadium. The place was full of supporters showing their solidarity in a peaceful way. There are thousands of volunteers who clean up the stadium from the plastic and the plates. Others have set up stalls with food to feed all the people who come. There are others selling snacks and cold drinks. The atmosphere is jovial and determined and we spent many hours talking to others and hoping to hear him. He has three doctors with him who monitor his medical condition now he is fasting.
In the evening we went to India Gate and from there we started a candlelit procession. There was a man of 94 who came from Haryana who was carried by his family. He wanted to be part of this. There were buses full of supporteres from all over the country. I was so happy to see people were finally taking a position on this terrible corruption which eats into our society."

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