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Mezze is widely served in the Greek and Middle eastern world. An assortment of little dishes and tasters which accompany a nice ouzo or a glass of wine. So when you read mezze moments you will have tasty snippets of life as I live it, India for four years and now Brisbane Australia, all served up with some Greek fervour and passion.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Indian Independence Day 2011 and some snake charm

Its the 15th of August 2011 and India's Independence Day. I was busy catching up on emails and sorting out paperwork at my desk.Holidays are good days for catching up on such things, since we chose not to go to the Red Fort in the pouring rain. I got up to tidy away some box files that had been on the floor for a while.
As I was ready to pick them up a snake slithered from out of one, a foot long, grey-green with a forked tongue. I called my Knights in shining armour who arrived armed with barbeque tongs and gardening gloves and between them Charles managed to pick it up gently behind the head while Anthony held it down and they took it out into the garden where we released it.

To be absolutely honest I was a little freaked by it all.
Hope this indicates a madness of good luck and fortune on this auspicious Independence Day for India.


  1. That HAS to bode well! Good luck all around! :)

    Anything that surprises that can tend to freak!

  2. i'd say you did well... i would have jumped out of my skin! you farmhouse families live in the wilds.

    when will i see your beautiful face?

    we're moving to jorbagh. i think you have friends down that way. don't be shy, friend. x t

  3. Panayia mou Marina me tis koufades! Niki


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