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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The vulnerability of Children in India

I belong to a Campaign against Child Trafficking and a friend sent through this report the first paragraph of which I am reproducing here.

"The State of Human Rights in India in 2010
NDIA: Democratic pretentions and administrative follies


"It is true that too many children die from malnutrition each year in this country. Some of their parents also die from starvation and hunger. But the children are more vulnerable … one of the reasons is the widespread 'irregularity' in the state and central government services … the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state is a very kind person … the Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres is not a solution for the millions of malnourished children. These centres are not cost effective. But now that the centres are there we must effectively use them. My suggestion is to appoint a Brahmin priest in each of these centres and require the priest to verify the horoscope of every child brought to the centre. After studying a child's horoscope if the priest is of the opinion that the child will grow into a good citizen of this country, it must be provided treatment at the centre. For the rest, I would say, let us just leave them to their fate … if not where do we stop? … We cannot spend government money like this…"
I doubt that it would have been reported had it not been said but the person has disputed she said this even though there were witnesses there.What is an issue here is not whether the statement is off the record or public. Given the levels of malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh are horoscopes really an acceptable way to go about protecting children and their rights?? Enough said.

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