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Sunday, 13 February 2011

The National Gallery of Modern Art - The Sculpture Garden

I am a frequent visitor. Usually I go with a particular exhibition in mind and walk straight to the ticketing office. Recently as a friend was caught up in Delhi traffic I had the opportunity to warm up in the sun and enjoy the beautiful sculpture garden at the entrance of the Museum which most of us walk past without a second glance. These are some of my favourite pieces:

The Mahatma By Ram Sutar

One that I found truly moving called Choti Chader by SM Shahid Jawed
 An abundance of Lingams - Uplifting ?

The triumph of Labour By Dr Roy Chowdury - interestingly the sinewy figures of the men simply made me think of the women labourers who slave away in India who are probably just as sinewy but theirs are hidden under the flowing contours of their beautiful saris.
 A fish in Marble - by Pradeep Kumar - it truly was
 Ghoga Marble by Gahlot V.P.
 A family By Rawat MS - notice the way the sculptor has created the family in the various corners of this sculpture all from one piece ( I took pictures of  both sides with the family sculpted carefully on the corners.
 Untitled in Black Marble by Pramod Sharma capturing some of the contours and beauty of the stone.


  1. I loved the sculpture garden too ... and the Choti Chader actually haunts me. What does that mean, "Choti Chader" do you know??

  2. Choti chadar means a 'small sheet', literally, implying that the user's body is too big for the small covering.. that is why he is huddled up under it, possibly to ward off the cold, however ineffectively..

  3. Nice blog! all these marble sculpture is so beautiful. There are many artists who are manufacturing the marble sculpture in Rajasthan and all over India. Jaipur is one of the best places for the marble sculpture in India.


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