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Friday, 11 February 2011


I am not alone in noticing the appalling frequency with which rape incidents are reported in the city and the country. Today in the Times of India I read an editorial, a part of which I am reproducing here, because it needs to be said:

The spate of rape cases reported over the last few days highlights a serious deficit in security for women all over India. ....According to the National Crime Records Bureau statistics more than 53 cases are recorded EVERY DAY.( my emphasis).  In 2009 a total of 21,397 rape cases were reported countrywide. Given the number recorded constitutes a fraction of the actual number of rape cases that take place, the numbers are a serious indictment of efforts to provide security for women. "

The editorial then talks about the need to change the attitude of police to rape cases, and instituting changes that will give victims and their families the confidence to seek justice- which includes having policewomen to deal with the cases and fast track courts. Awareness campaigns need to be implemeted country wide and this must include fighting social stigma that often plagues the victims of this crime.

There is so much that can be done. For Indian women I just hope that it is prioritized immediately before another woman falls victim to this horrible crime.


  1. rape of tourists as well? do you feel safe or do oyu not walk around alone

  2. NO I feel quite safe -safety has never been an issue for me but then I dont live on the street. x m


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