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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fraser Island - the world's biggest sand island

I had an image in my head of large tracks of endless white sand but I could not believe how green the island was and how all the forests that grow on the island grow in sand.

We are on Fraser Island, the biggest sand island in the world just off the coast of Moreton Bay and a stones throw from the mainland. We have taken our car over by ferry to explore the island.

The tracks are all sand, some soft and lethal. The beaches are spectacular with hard sand and pounding waves. It is the only place I know where this magnificent beach of 75 miles in length is a giant highway for excited 4x4s.
Ozzies love to bring their trucks and raised vehicles here with everything to make their camping trip enjoyable. Fishing, swimming in some of the 100 fresh waters lakes on the island and making sure you dont get stuck in the sand is a national pastime and a great favourite.

We were bringing a 4x 4 with us but one which was a little different from the Ozzie UTEs as they are called here. We can proudly claim that we were able to offer assistance to another car but never got stuck ourselves. However there is a lot more that we haven't explored and we hope to go back and do more of the driving on the tracks and the beach.

It is probably the only place where you get planes landing on the beach while dingoes roam and cars speed along. You have to see it to believe it.

 The elaborate patterns of a tiny mollusc.

 One of the giant elk horn ferns that grow on the trees- this one was quite low.
 The various eucalypts and the forest floor.

Aircraft, 4 x4 s and dingoes on the beach. 
Note Xmas decks on car aerials by Eli creek a great favourite  freshwater creek on the island. Eli Creek which is found on the eastern side of the island has a flow of 80 million litres of water a day.
 Our little party of 4 x 4s
Lake Mackenzie - one of the many freshwater perched lakes - meaning they lie on a bed of leaves and dead organic matter which waterproofs them and are maintained at the level they are simply by rain falling. Fraser is home to 40 perched lakes. They are quite acid so dont support much aquatic life but they are wonderful to swim in and the silica sand is cool and smooth. It feels like you have had a skin treatment after swimming in this lake and the colour ranges from the white turquoise to the deep inked blue.

Sunset on one of the beaches. A great place to welcome the new year and remind ourselves of the strength of the natural world and all that it has to offer us in its purest simplest form.

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