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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sydney Opera House

It is quite a story from its inception, to its creation, to its birth and triumphs and all I can say it is worth every agony, architectural drawing, lots of failed ones, hundreds, indeed millions of Aussie dollars, sleepless nights, architects tearing their hair out and falling out. 

Seeing this magnificent building in full swing, knowing how it takes nearly 900 people to organise it, maintain it, and prepare it for so many of the unique concerts, ballets and operas that are held there each year is really quite impressive.

The stories are many, the dilemmas plentiful, but it did come down in my eyes to that moment when Utzon the Danish architect entrusted with its creation suddenly and clearly saw how the domes could work, as slivers out of a sphere and once that moment was realised the rest well.... sort of fell into place.

I am not sure any pictures do it enough justice but seeing it from every angle, inside and out certainly helped and gave me an immense appreciation of the engineering and architectural feat that it is. The various concert halls have acoustics which are carefully considered and calibrated.One concert hall is under the sea. The public places are a triumph of raw concrete and outrageously coloured carpets. The domes are constructed of special tiles, some beige and some white, all made in Denmark I believe, which are self washing and brilliant in the antipodean sunshine.

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