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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sad sad day for India

Today we know that in spite of all the efforts, the hopes and the prayers, the rioting and huge outrage this poor innocent young girl lost her life to a gang of vicious unthinking rapists. We are all appalled and saddened  for her her family and all of India is grieving for the loss of her life. 
What however must be remembered is that she is sadly the most visible example of something that has happens with unbelievable regularity and vulgarity in India and goes largely unnoticed and unreported.
It is not just about the severe penalties for rape and the protection of women that is called for,  it is a radical mind shift starting from the acceptance of female infants, to the value of a girl's life equal to that of a boys, to the way they can grow and be a part of society in the same way as men. Until and unless that happens there is not much hope for how women will be treated in India 


  1. What the last few days has shown is that the youth of India is awake, alive and is not afraid to take to the streets to call for change. And the government will have to listen because these are voters out on the street, demanding accountability and change. More than any preaching and lecturing from outside, it is this mass movement that will bring about change. Indians fighting for change in India. Just as it should be.

  2. well inshallah and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see this sea of change. However it is sad that corruption, rape, poverty have to be so embedded before voices are heard. It should not have to be that way. I will watch this space with very heightened interest. Thanks for commenting MM

  3. I think many western observers find it frustrating because India won't follow their prescriptions or timetables. India changes when it wants to, when it feels the need to. And rarely asks for outside advice or guidance. So there is no real opportunity for others to jump in front of India's parade and try to lead it and no real role for western advisers, except to be quietly supportive from the outside. The outpouring of anger on the streets has also overturned a lot of stereotypes - upper middle class Indians taking to the streets?! Upper middle class Indians coming out in support of a lower class victim of sexual violence?! The other thing is that unlike other parts of the world where poverty, perversion and crime are squeezed into pockets, India is overwhelmingly *real*. And all the debates and discussions happen out in the open. As the British discovered to their cost, Indians are a laidback people, but when they come together - watch out, rulers!

  4. thank you for your concern Marina.
    thanks again.

    a very happy new year as well.


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