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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Rose Home

Nearly nine months ago we undertook a project of renovation and repair of a Salaam Baalak Trust Home called Rose Home. Through the very generous support of many friends who have given money from all over the world, but in particular Celia Marsh, and with the unfailing energy of my other half in this project, Adam Budd we have made significant improvements to the Home and to the girls lives.

It was not just about fixing the drains, putting in new loos and sinks, repairing the walls and the chairs and setting up a computer room but also making sure the girls had fans in the hot summers and sheets for their beds, cold water and somewhere shady to sit outside.It was to make the girls feel this was their home and they could have a part in its reorganisation and operation.

We have had many a frustrating moment in the process but there are no pools of water on the floor, no rubbish in the adjoining plot and enough bathrooms that work for all the girls. 

Most importantly the money which continued to come in from Celia has now been used to employ two wonderful teachers who come to the Home and teach the girls on a daily basis, from the basics, Hindi and learning how to read and write, to the more advanced English, to theatre and design and art classes.
Here are some of the boring bits of change interspersed with the human and palpable joy of the girls.

 The open sewer that used to run outside the Home has now been concreted over at last.
 The sinks are new and all work with taps and drains that are properly fitted.
 The girls have a whole new area on the roof with a sink where they can wash clothes.
 The dormitories all have fans

 The lighting is much improved in all the Home and the electricity system overhauled
 Kushboo now goes to Art lessons and is doing fantastic work.
 The girls have a good library at their disposal
Chairs to sit on and Computers to work with 
The teachers and the counsellors with Adam  


  1. Bravo to you all!! I visited the Rose Home early on in our time there and you have made AMAZING and wonderful improvements! Kudos to Celia and Adam (and you, dear Marina!)

  2. I'm in awe, thank you so much

  3. Anyone can do what I have done, so anonymous you can too x m

  4. congratulations to you two for having been born kind.



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