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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Traits of a woman

This, dear readers is verbatim from an interesting journal called the Inner World.

Know your knees
"Women with rounded knees are going to be with you for a long time and would be a great support to the husband or a friend. The women who have knees devoid of flesh or bones jutting out were considered to be unfaithful. Those with knees having protruding thick veins were considered to be very aggresive. Women having very thin and ugly knees were considered to bring  financial disturbances. Also women having dark knees full of dark hair were considered to bring ill luck. The signs which were considered lucky were those having thin fine hair, plump( not very thin, not very thick) legs and thighs with pleasant rosey complexion like the setting sun."

I dare not look down - do you ??


  1. There is only thing to be said. Stop reading self-help. There is nothing Inside to be looked into :)


  2. Dear Ashu I think you missed the point here - I never read self help. I picked this very strange publication at the hairdressers and laughed out loud reading this as I am hoping you did. MM

  3. ok ok now I see it in perspective. Nonetheless, a women's body has always been hotly contested territory for cultural battles.

  4. Fascinating to have your point of view Anshu and thanks for coming back to this. Please can you give me an example of how a womans body is hotly contested territory for cultural battles ? Looking forward to hearing from you.


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