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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Chattarpur temples

A lot of us who live in this part of Delhi drive past them very often but it is not till the other day that I had the opportunity to visit the Chattarpur temple complex.
It was a very interesting visit which might appeal to some more of you out there as it is "Navratri", a fasting time meaning nine nights and there is so much going on. We had an excellent guide Priti who told us that the complex was started in 1974 by a swami from the south who was keen to offer people a place of worship. It is a large complex, complete with an immense statue of Hanuman, the monkey God, a shrine where the swamis remains are found, a massive hall for the pilgrims and the main temple with representations of some of the gods bedecked with garlands and offerings for this festival period.
We saw performances from the Ramayana, children dressed up to perform themselves, pilgrims worshipping, a band of drummers coming to pay their respects to the shrine of the swami and watched as the crowds enjoyed being part of all the activity and the music that was blaring out of some of the large Television screens in various parts of the complex. At night the festivities are even more elaborate with throngs of pilgrims coming to make their offerings. This ten day fasting period which ends on Dusherra is dedicated to the nine manifestations of the Goddess Durga. If you want to visit do so in the next few days to see the complex at its functioning best.
You can contact Priti on 9811470861

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  1. Nice post. Popularly named after its location, Shri Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth Mandir or Chattarpur Temple is the 2nd largest temple complex in India, after Akshardham temple, also situated in Delhi. Check out more about Chattarpur temple.


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