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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Rudraksha Beads

They come from the Rudraksha tree found mainly in Nepal and Java.They are possibly the equivalent of what in my country would be called a "komboloi" or worry beads. They are often worn by monks for tranquility and to help concentration. An exhibition of Rudraksha beads was on at the Cottage emporium in Janpath but also we are told that a Rudraksha Museum is being planned as well. So watch out for this.  

What is interesting is that they are advertised as being beneficial for all and with instant benefits, though other benefits may take time. The following was taken from an interview I saw in the newspaper:
Can all wear Rudraksha ?
"Yes everyone irrespective of sex, age , culture, ethnic geographical and religious background can wear it."

Then further on : Can ladies wear it ???
"Yes they can, barring those 4-5 days when nature is at work. Is it that only hindus can wear it? No all can wear, Sun, Moon, Stars, rivers and plants have no religion !"

There are Rudrakshas for People in Service, for Business Power, executives and Businessmen, for Industrialists and Speculators and even an exclusive combination for people with High ambitions ! 

Amazing explanations, amazing foresight ensuring all are covered -These pictures have been taken from 
Wikipaedia as I didnt have any of my own but the last one is one of the exhibition I went to.
The exhibition was very crowded , people were being assessed for their needs and workers were on hand to make up the various necklaces and bracelets. One person told me that they are a very old and hallowed practice which is found in old scriptures so there must be something there. Cant wait to try them !


  1. The wearer gains power of knowledge ( Rudraksha ) and creativity when blessed.

  2. Marina MarangosFriday, June 29, 2012

    Dear Raghvendra thank you for your comment. I hope I will gain both ! Kind regards Marina

  3. Great post!! very informative.
    Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.

  4. Helpful post
    Rudraksha is really very powerful bead which can cure lots of diseases .

  5. Nice Post
    Rudraksha its really become a symbol of hindu religion, and contain lots of miracle power in it.


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