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Saturday, 9 June 2012

No brainer

Or no brains left perhaps would make a more accurate title. For years it seems that Indian women have either opted to sail closer to death or have been put there - either option seems a little hard and god knows most of them lead a hard enough life as it is.

The latest news that hit the newspapers today was that women wearing crash helmets stand a bigger chance of surviving an accident than those who don't. Seriously how many years has it taken them to work that one out ? And still there are obstacles in passing this legislation it seems.


  1. I've wanted to write about this for awhile now, but can't find the words. I have the pictures to support the blog post, but it's just so horrible to think of all of those women who don't wear helmets!

  2. Marina MarangosMonday, June 11, 2012

    I remember you did a good one about this and you explained the situation well. It has re surfaced now and it is surprising it is taking so long to get passed.x MM


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