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Friday, 4 May 2012

Toilets top job for Bollywood Actress

In my blog a few days ago I mentioned that Bollywood is entering its 100th year. It has gotten off to an excellent start in my eyes. How do you make toilets sexy, how do people learn that dealing with human excreta is fundamental to India's development ? This basic need has to be addressed not behind the curtains or by employing the lower castes to take the problem away but by recognising that unless and until India is able to provide sanitation for millions of its residents it ain't going nowhere.
So I was thrilled to see that top actress Vidya Balan who of course won so many awards this year for her film "Dirty Picture" will now promote toilets and sanitation. 
"Sanitation needs to become a national obsession. I am ready to do it in my capacity. I am convinced."
If everyone was convinced of the necessity to make this a priority and if it stopped being such a stigmatised subject then progress might indeed be made. It's a great start to the centenary celebrations and I am hugely admiring of her taking this on. Bravo Vidya.

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