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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Art galleries are cool

Art galleries are cool ...and in Delhi this is not a factor lost to us in the hot weather. But in addition there is a lot on offer and so today I went on an art gallery frenzy all by myself but I have come back to share it all with you. The first exhibition I went to was Rebecca Horn's "Passage to Light" at the new wing of the National Gallery of Modern Art. This was the last day so sadly you will not be able to catch this one but you may be interested to know that she is regarded as one of the foremost contemporary German artists and she has won numerous awards for her work. She is clearly multi talented, producing sculptures, paintings, performances, films and poetry in copious numbers but I have to say it left me quite cold. The only piece I really enjoyed I have photographed here for you and this was when she took herself out of the picture and turned to nature but using physics and techniques to add another dimension. This wheel of feather folds up and down on a light sensor.
The second exhibition is on at the Aman Hotel in Lodhi Road until the end of this month. The hotel is a great place for seeing lovely art. This one particularly appealed to me as it uses the medium of paper which for all sorts of reasons I love. The artist, Banoo Batliboi, took old leather bound books and through very careful folding and some geometrical calculations created these delicate and lovely ripples and hearts and contours and undulations. Just lovely. Look at the hearts coming out of this book !

 Another artist in this small group show was Sachin George Sebastian who created these wonderful flowers using small pieces of paper stuck very carefully together. He also displayed paper towns and congregations.
The basement in the Hotel where the exhibition can be found by this lovely water feature.
Finally a small but interesting exhibition by two artists in the Annexe of India International Centre, called "A woman's worth, showing expressive photographs and paintings of women, old and wrinkled, young and joyful, troubled and tired. This picture of a girl's class captured it for me. International artists Suzi Levi and Johnette Iris Stubbs are exhibiting here.

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