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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Interpreting Tagore

The Astad Deboo Dance Foundation gave a stunning performance last night with a vibrant group of young dancers from Salaam Baalak Trust. I went along as this is the charity that I work for and support here in India and I am only sorry that you could not share the wonderful spectacle we saw. What was even more touching was hearing the poems of Rabindranath Tagore and their interpretation through the choreography and the music.
Astad Deboo is one of the foremost contemporary dancers in India and has won numerous awards and is widely acclaimed for his work. He has worked with dancers from Salaam Baalak Trust for a number of years and for this production he worked with eight dancers. 

For me listening to the poems and watching Astad Deboo and the dancers interpret the words was magical and there are parts that resonated so strongly that I will share those words with you.

The Poem " Walking Tall"
If no one lights the beacon
on a dark and stormy night
if no one hears you knocking
and all men shut their doors
then lose not heart oh hapless one
but in the fiery thunder set
the torch of your heart aflame
and burn in the dark alone

If no one answers to your call
go your way alone 

And from Awakenings
Then the lines of all visible forms
are washed away in a flood of nectar
and I can hear the murmur
of all created things.

I watched Astad come out on stage in a flowing white gown which shimmered in the light as he fluttered and fanned those awakenings though his Sufi swirling and through the gentle craft of his elegant moves.  

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