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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Meeting my first ever certified Blaster

Conquering Mount Maroon was one of the purposes of the day and only partly achieved but sharing this with some wonderful women made it a special day indeed. Today I am singling out one woman in particular who impressed me for the wrong reasons and I am not afraid to acknowledge that.

I met my first ever certified blaster.

Some of you might even have to stop for a moment and ask what is a certified blaster ??

Well the short answer is someone who blows things up - but safely.

I suspect that most of them work in the mining industry and blasting became a faster way of shifting earth and clearing sites for mining minerals and gases.

Small and petite but clearly a bright spark she started off in the mining industry in a clerical role but was soon able to take over supervisory roles and added responsibilities. She then became the first woman certified blaster in her state- what an achievement for a woman I thought, clearly thinking in a stereotypical box. I was certainly impressed but for the wrong reasons which I acknowledged and told her about and we had a good chat about it because of course  there is nothing to say that women can't do these jobs just as well and with as much expertise and know how as the men.

By her own admission she had to prove herself time and time again and that was sadly because she was a woman and they were such rarities in that industry.

Hopefully and because of women like Jan Bowers, that is not so much the case anymore. 

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