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Friday, 12 February 2016

Street Art Transformation

In our neighbourhood is a corner plot with history. It dates back to the 1920s. There is some historic reference to a theatre in the area.  A taxi driver told us that when he was a child he went to the cinema there. Later a skating rink opened up and this was a popular spot for young kids until it burnt down in 2002 on Boxing day. I have spoken to residents who remember skating there and the horror of the fire.

So for years now it has been lying there, blackened, the roof rafters just about hanging on, the walls burnt and damaged and a "For Sale "sign periodically appearing as the buyer who owns it presently has been put off by the strong voice of the community who always have something to say about the development plans for the building.

This is a small You Tube Clip about the building as it is which conveys that dereliction well.

So it was a bit of a surprise the other day walking past seeing a whole group of graffiti artists were gathered there and were busy creating the most unbelievable mural for the burnt out wall.

A Festival of Street Art. It was on a clear day when the clouds had lifted from Brisbane. 


And here is the final mural - stunning work. 

I realise - a little late- that I should have used my Panorama button to have given you the full effect but I hope these pictures have conveyed some of the vibrancy of this transformation. 
They let their passion burn in this one for sure. 

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