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Friday, 26 February 2016

Go Geckos

I went to a lecture about spiders the other night and I learnt a fair amount about them. The speaker could only describe them as super heroes. He spoke about how clever they were spinning their silk,  how perceptive about camouflage, how caring for their young, though females sometimes eat their male partners after mating ! He clearly spent any free time he had from being a cop in the UK chasing after them, rather than burglars and fraudsters, which is impressive in itself. 

Here is a man, a member of the public, who through some trigger in his life became passionate about British spiders. Lucky for us he has now emigrated to Brisbane and is sharing his passion with us. 

I suppose what I felt coming out of that lecture is that too often we are ready to dismiss what we are not comfortable with. A question from the public asked how introduced spiders, ( they came in on ships etc)  may have impacted the population of other species, in the way that the canine toad has caused havoc here.  His answer was surprisingly candid. He said no one could really be bothered to count or consider them. Most people just bring a slipper down over them.

Where am I going with this - well in my home I have a colony of geckos. They are very common in a lot of these climates. They love sitting on vertical outside walls on the deck waiting for a tasty fly to alight nearby and I have some inside the house as well who tend to live behind my pictures or flower pots. They come out at night. They are creatures that most people ignore, or dont like very much and on occasion chase away, though I would like to believe that most of us now see them as great additions to the home, to keep the mossie and fly populations under control. I am one of those, and so I cant tell you how excited I was when on one of my walls I caught this happening. Isn't it just such a priceless picture ? No big camera lens and no magic in taking this one. Just there at the right moment to share Gracia and Gregg the Geckos having fun. 

Pictures off the offspring, if observed, will happily be shared. Look up, any geckos in your house ?

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