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Friday, 27 February 2015

Clean up Australia day

This is the announcement that came in on one of the flyers from estate agents in the region where I live. 

Clean Up Australia Day
This Sunday 1st of March marks 25 years of Clean Up Australia Day and what better way to celebrate than to participate in one of Australia’s biggest volunteer cause.  
Over the past 25 years Clean Up Australia has removed an estimated 288,650 tonnes of rubbish from across the country. Get behind this great cause and take pride in your suburb! To register as a volunteer or your own clean-up site click here.

Another reason for enjoying life here - the norms of a civilised and ordered society are there in people's lives and everyone abides by them. NO trash on the beaches- nothing- no trash in the forests- but none in the cities either. 

It's just as it is - and on the odd occasion when something has been left, another passer- by will often take the trouble to dispose of it in a nearby bin. 

Now all that needs to happen is for the next message to become part of the everyday - that food wastage is  enormous - nearly 40% of food produced is wasted and this must stop. It must become unacceptable in the same way as littering or anti social behaviour is treated in society and yet no one seems to be talking about this.  I have just reviewed a film called "Just Eat it!"

This film which has been written by Jenny Rustmeyer and Grant Baldwin.They decided to conduct an experiment and see if they could live for six months on food that has been dumped by supermarkets, farmers and restaurants. It wasn't easy but they survived and in the process of this exercise which they filmed they offer the viewer some sobering facts about the amount of food wasted.This has never become taboo, like littering or drunk driving and we all have to ask ourselves why, as the levels of obesity rise in the western world while populations are chronically malnourished in developing countries, as supermarkets conduct price wars on products and farmers and the consequences of all these actions are blatantly obvious but somehow the message has simply not taken off and it needs to. 

So I will get out there and clean up Australia, not just on Sunday but every day where I see any litter.  - But more importantly I will start to think about shopping and meals, I will plan more carefully so nothing goes to waste, I will compost scraps and I will eat imperfect vegetables and fruit because the goodness is in the content not the shape and I will play my small part in sharing their message, and telling you about this film, but also encouraging you, if you feel the same, to treat food wastage in the same as you would littering and make it part and parcel of your everyday. 

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