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Thursday, 29 May 2014

State of Origin

Living in Queensland you have to embrace this - and I can assure you it is not some obscure link to anthropological data. It is THE most thrilling sporting encounter between two Australian states.It is actually one of the world's top rugby league sporting event. With apologies to any Ozzie readers I do need to explain this to the others - It started way back in 1980 and basically it is the best of three rugby league games between NSW( The Blues -aka the Cockroaches ) and QLD ( The Maroons - aka the Cane Toads) Players are selected to represent either of these two states on the basis of where they played their first senior rugby league game, hence the name "State of Origin."

The matches are watched by millions every year and for QLD it is especially exciting because for the last 8 years they have won the series to huge and exuberant chants of "Queenslander."

Last night we attended the first game in 2014 here in Queensland at the Suncorp stadium which also happened to be the 100th game in the series. Queensland lost this game but not its spirit and I can tell you that being in that stadium was electrifying and exciting with both my husband and I shouting for Queensland at the top of our voices. 

 Our neighbour on the stands who had come from the Gold Goast
The stadium before every single seat was filled - Capacity crowd 52,111.
 Time left to the Game starting
 The Maroons heading out of the tunnel
 The mix of Blue and Maroon - with a predominance of Maroon throughout
Ably sponsored by the Castlemaine XXXX Brewery ! 

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