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Friday, 23 November 2012

Urinating men

A young girl has just been shot dead in Delhi because she objected to a man urinating near her house. Her mother was injured in the attack. Last week a court in Rajasthan apparently said that they would name and shame men who urinated in public by getting people to bang drums and blow whistles to expose them , for want of a better word. Then they changed it and said they would reward persons with INR 500 if they caught them urinating or defecating in public. I am not quite sure how they expected the evidence to be forthcoming once the citizen's arrest was made but that is another subject altogether. Are they completely without reason and aforethought even in the Courts?

Is it really a question of naming and shaming or rewarding or catching the so called perpetrators or is is a question of addressing the problem that millions of people in India have NOWHERE ELSE to go to the toilet other than the open or other people's property?

Their whole approach is totally wrong, dare I say even farcical and I think every Indian in this huge sub continent would agree with me. Isn't it really time they tackled this issue once and for all and before any more people lose their life over it? What a shameful loss of a young girl's life. 

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