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Thursday, 29 November 2012


I knew nothing about this state, other than that it is one of the most industrialised states in India and perhaps one of the richest. So I travelled there with great curiosity to see what it was like. It is, like a lot of states in India, huge and houses some 60 million people so what I saw was probably a smidgen of all the state has to offer.

Some titbits I enjoyed :

It is the home state of Gandhi, Jinnah and S.V Patel all giants in Indian history and for very different reasons.
It had one of the earliest ports in Lothal, so trade in goods and slaves was plentiful.
Slaves - yes and mercenaries - who came from Africa and made their home in Gujarat. Some tribal groups are still very evident here and they are called Sidis or Habshis.
What with Gujarat being the only place in India which still has asiatic lions you could well be confused for wondering where you were occasionally.

It is a dry state - alcohol is not sold or served. Maybe that is why a lot of Gujaratis left !

Its cuisine is quite special and they pride themselves on the wonderfully delicious dishes they serve which often have a sweet, sour taste and while spicy are not fiery hot.

The roads are quite good which helps travel.

The people are a real mix of Hindus and Muslims and tribals.

There has been a history of communal riots involving both communities. More recently Narender Modi who is chief minister was exonerated of any blame. It seems that he has been instrumental in the rapid industrialisation and development of the state.

And yet wonderful scenes from the middle ages still appear with bullocks pulling a plough and shepherds wearing traditional dress like this shepherd here.

We received warm hospitality wherever we went and were invited into beautiful, well ordered houses.

More on the wildlife and the flora in my next posting. 


  1. Dont miss travelling to Lothal

  2. " There has been a history of communal riots with Hindus killing Muslims "

    Huh ?????

    Wow ! Talk about half-truths, and half-assed-reporting !

    Marina, don't EVER take up a job as a news-reporter, for clearly, that is not your calling.

    For 1500 years, the Hindus of India have been subjected to the most brutal, savage vicious incessant attacks by Islamic barbarians. Every time, Islamic barbarians would raise, LITERALLY, towers of human-skulls of slaughtered Hindus, and every time, the valiant Hindus would persevere and survive.

    In 2002, the Muslims in Gujarat planned and executed a terrorist-attack on a train carrying Hindu pilgrims, murdering 80 innocent Hindu men, women and children in this attack. This time, the Hindus were not going to take it lying down. The Hindus of Gujarat, incensed by this ghastly attack on innocent men, women and children went on a rampage, and several Muslims were killed in the ensuing riots. The Chief-Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi, took prompt steps to curb the violence.

    And that is the Full-Truth.


  3. HI Kavita, Thanks for your comments and clearly you speak more authoritatively on the subject. My views on this was what I picked up in newspapers and articles. Perhaps the full history or full story were not always given but there are always two sides to a story. So I have amended my comments accordingly. MM

    1. Marina,

      Thanks for the editorial-amendments. Very responsible on your part !

      Meanwhile, beware the English-language-media in India. For some reason, the English-language-media in India is blatantly, virulently, violently, shamelessly, nakedly anti-Hindu in its outlook.

      To get objective, unbiased reporting on any news-event in India, you have to follow some of the local-language media. Your Hindi is probably good enough for that by now :-) !



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