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Sunday, 6 November 2011


When my husband told me all those years ago that we are moving to Liverpool I really did not know what to expect but truth be told it was not a good first impression. This was a grand city that had thrived in the past but the latter part of the 20th century has been cruel, the city had become depopulated, jobs had been lost in their thousands, poverty had set in and it was evident all around the city. I saw urban dereliction like I had never seen before. In spite of all this we spent some very happy years there and lived not far from the beach in a beautiful old house complete with stained glass windows and a fabulous garden and met great people who will forever be friends and part of our family.

We have just been back for a fleeting visit and we could not believe how much the city has changed. As Cultural Capital of Europe in 2008 money came flooding in and transformed the city centre and the area around the Albert Dock. It is buzzing and bustling, futuristic and fabulous.
We particularly enjoyed a walk along our old beach to see Anthony Gormley's famous men - His art work of Cast iron statues modelled on himself dotted along Crosby beach. The statues are embedded deep in the sand and are covered or uncovered as the tide comes in or goes out. They are now slightly barnacled and mossy green but from being considered a complete aberration with people calling them eyesores and dangers they are now lovingly part of this  seascape. We took in the bracing sea breeze and the seagulls both missing features of our life in Delhi.
 Anthony Gormley's statues on Crosby Beach

The centre
The Liver Building in the distance
The Docks
The Liverpool Eye where we had some maginificent views of the city
The Super Lamb Banana was the original work of Japanese-based artist Taro Chiezo.At first Liverpudlians really did not know what to make of this strange art work. Now they are very proud of it and it has taken on a thousand other forms but keeping its original distinctive shape.
 A pink Lambana by the Mersey
Looking over the Mersey

This is a city which has so much to offer, from the wonderful Liver Bird buildings to the Museum of Liverpool life to the Liverpool Eye, the Cavern where the Beatles sung and the Albert Dock. A regeneration of truly impressive proportions. If you ever get the chance to visit do go.

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