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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Frida, females and fun

Since visiting Mexico some years ago with my family I am fascinated by the figure of Frida Kahlo. It seems I am not alone in the world and my good friend Kanchan Chander has dedicated a part of her recent new solo show to this fascinating woman. Kanchan in her own right is also quite a woman and she occasionally pops herself into her beautiful artwork so that we dont forget her lovely face.
The Cover of the Catalogue
Frida led a very adventurous life in the 30s in Mexico City but she was also quite a tragic and troubled figure.
She was married to the painter Diego Rivera but was known to have had various lovers in her life, even apparently a short affair with Trotsky who was in exile at the time in Mexico.
Courtesy of First City.
Kanchan has taken her face and recreated it in a million different ways all with the finest detail and materials and with sense of colour and vibrancy which is captivating.
She is fascinated by the female form and a lot of her smaller works concentrate on this with senses of its multifarious functions in the form of a lover or a mother but also a doer of jobs and it is one of Kanchan's delights to slip in the odd artefact that she may pick up at a flea market and which embellishes a face or a body at once like a piece of jewellery but also as a tool.
Go along to the exhibition and then and enjoy a coffee or tea on the first floor while browsing beautiful art books.
"Revisiting the Popular" is on at Art Positive from now until the 3rd December-
Address Lado Sarai F 213 B

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    Am glad you liked the show.Cheers.Kanchan


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