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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dussehra The triumph of Good over Evil

A special day in India today and after the fasting comes a massive celebration of the triumph of Good over Evil - Evil is represented by the evil Ravana and Good is of course King Ram around whom the whole of the epic Indian story of Ramayana is based.
Just some thoughts about this year's celebrations. The Ravanas this year are promised to be Technic ! A bit like Lego Technic with articulated arms and apparently fire and tears and even cries of pain as they burn.A real marriage of the traditional with Indian techie expertise put to best use.  Eyes will light up and the evil Ravana will appear larger than life and very menacing ...or maybe not....

....as the Ravanas are reportedly getting smaller because of inflation and transport costs ....so are we hoping that Evil is a much diminished commodity these days ??

Anna Hazare doesnt think as he will set off his Ravana which will symbolise the evil of corruption over society.
Happy Dussehra everyone and may the good in you shine out over the evil.

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  1. Wow..amazin post!!
    Happy Dussehra to you too (even tho im quite late in wishing nw) n great wished for all the festivals tat r Fast approachin :)


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