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Monday, 28 March 2011

Matches made in political heaven.

I am quoting from an extract written by George Joseph at george.j@ians.in and can only say that this was a tasteful, fragrant event, with wonderful Kashmiri -Gujerati food offered to all the guests.On three days of the marriage celebrations the flowers and the colours changed from Marigold for the mehendi, to white jasmine for the wedding day to sweet scented purple red roses for the reception last night. The saris were to die for as were the girls wearing them and the evenings were warm and welcoming for the couple who begin their life together with the heavy duty of family and responsibility weighing "lightly" on their shoulders.

The loveliest touch in my eyes was the white highly decorated electric car with the usual array of tuneful tins trailing at its tail and a "Just Married" sign. A welcome change from the helicopters and the BMWs that seemed to be the more "in " presents for recent society weddings. Perhaps an indication of how close they are to the PM and Mrs Gandhi both of whom were present and who are averse to displays of conspicuous opulence.

"Two hearts and a VVIP political wedding
Their families like to call it a meeting of intimate hearts. But when Faisal Patel weds Zainub Nedous in the capital Friday, it will also be an alliance between two influential political families, one from Gujarat and another from Kashmir.

Faisal is the son of Ahmed Patel, who hails from Gujarat and is political secretary and right-hand man of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Zainub belongs to Jammu and Kashmir's well-known Nedous family, to which union Minister Farooq Abdullah's mother Akbar Jehan belonged.
The capital's political and social circles are abuzz with the Faisal-Zainub 'nikah' ceremony Friday and the reception Sunday. Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are among those likely to attend the reception. According to reports, Faisal will wear a sherwani designed by Tarun Tahilani and Zainub will wear a lehanga created by Rohit Bal. "

We wish them the best and happiness evermore.

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