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Mezze is widely served in the Greek and Middle eastern world. An assortment of little dishes and tasters which accompany a nice ouzo or a glass of wine. So when you read mezze moments you will have tasty snippets of life as I live it, India for four years and now Brisbane Australia, all served up with some Greek fervour and passion.

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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Holied- the Festival of Colours

It happened early in the morning- I was walking out of the house with Tara and little Rituu came along with her paint and painted me pink. Bhaju, the gardener followed, ringing my doorbell and while it is done with reverence, a touching of my feet first, he proceeded to dab bright pink paint all over my face and neck.

This is the first Hindu festival in the Hindu calender and marks the end of winter, we have put away the duvets and hot water bottles this very weekend and enjoyed a wonderful party in the garden.
The Holi festival commemorates the victory of good over evil, with the burning and destruction of the demoness Holika. Holi got its name as the "Festival of Colors" from Lord Krishna, a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who liked to play pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors.
It is full of fun and spontaneity and magic
Even Tara got holied !


  1. Nice pictures n nice piece of Info too(i had no idea bout Lord Krishna's bit in makin holi d Festival of Colors)
    Happy Holi..!! :)

  2. Isn't the Greek God Pan the counterpart of the Hindu God Krishna ?

    Krishna was a cowherd, played sweet music on his flute, and charmed the local maidens (the Gopis).

    Wasn't the Greek God Pan a shepherd, who played a musical instrument, and charmed the local nymphs ?

    There is a LOT of similarity between Hindu and Greek culture.


  3. Hello Kay, there are so many similarities that I almost feel there was a reason for me being here. It starts in mythology and continues in present day India when you look at Indians attitude to food and family and so many other aspects of life and see how incredibly similar they are to Greek life and culture !

  4. That was quite a nice post. Liked the way you got Holi'ed, and the way you described your whole experience in words and pictures.

    Keep writing, and am sure you are loving the 'Saddi Dilli' experience? :)

  5. Hi! To add to what kay said, besides mythology, lots of books of ancient Indian astrology(Jyotisha) refer to greek astrology and hold it high esteem. I dont know how prevalent is astrology in Greece(Cypress) today, but it would be nice to compare how different/same they are today.

  6. Thanks Ashu lovely idea. Would need a few years of free time to investigate but any info I get I will pass to all on the blog . MM


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