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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The National Museum, Delhi

Went off to the National Museum today to see Inuit Art from the Canadian Arctic !!
The exhibition is small and compact with some interesting older sculptures of Inuit art and some more contemporary pieces. I have to say I found the sculptures, usually done on granite or serpentine stone quite morose and sad, perhaps a reflection of their hard life, a life lacking sunlight. The only item that really grabbed my fancy was this funky teapot.
I want to tell you a little more about my trip though. I arrived and walked into the central hall that houses the ticket office. In the dome centre was scaffolding everywhere and I walked under it conscious that half the time they were fixing big metal scaffolds and then dismatling others. I walked through. There was no protection available for the people who were coming in nor a path designated for them to avoid having to walk under all this construction work. Paintwork was going on all along the main corridor. The floor was splashed with paint, the statues, some priceless were wrapped with newspaper, a little haphazardly. There was nowhere to sit while I waited for my friend so I walked into the library where there was no one and I said to the man there :

May I sit down ?  
No Madam he said
I laughed almost unbelievingly -
Why not ? I said
There is nowhere else to sit I said pointing outside.
Only for staff Madam
But can't I sit down just until my friend comes ?
No Madam
Well that was the end of that then !!

I waited outside under the scaffolding and watched the school parties arriving. Smiling happy faces, in impeccable elaborate uniforms. However there were quite a few disabled children, children with crutches, prostheses, children with polio, children with cerebral palsy and unable to walk and I watched with horror as these poor kids struggled up the steps of the Museum.The National Museum has no disabled access. One child had to be carried by the teacher and then other pupils brought his wheelchair up for him.
The infinite pride that these children have in their country and their history, and they do, is dashed daily by these glaring inadequacies, these unacceptable omissions for their welfare and their education.

I was pretty shocked by what I was witnessing. It seems so shortsighted. Here's hoping that some of these refreshements and renovations will include a disabled access too and that next time I go it will be a wholly improved picture. If anyone knows differently I would be happy to have my vision reversed.

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