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Sunday, 26 December 2010

The Colour Blue and er.. Rubbish

Yes there is a lot of it here and it is spread around so you cannot miss it. Having it on display however (do not be alarmed it is not there in the true smelling sense) takes it to a different level completely and this is what the Indian artist Vineet who is responsible for this art work tried to show at this interesting exhibition.

The Colors Exhibitions Curational Art Project takes part at Abadi Art Space in New Delhi.

It's composed of three exhibitions The Colour Blue, Black and White and Red.

"The aim of the project is to explore curational and art practices and blend it together with contemporary art pieces.The proposed exercise is to use the gallery space as a studio to create a dimensional picture. In this manner the art works displayed in the exhibitions are the art material that the artist curator uses to create an exhibition that is a picture itself."so says Jose who put it all together.
Not only is this exhibition eye catching but the area seems to have appeal. I had not visited before and I am planning to go back to check it out more fully after the holidays. If you are in Delhi and wanting to kill a couple of hours go to this interesting exhibition and then take in all the other galleries, and there are a lot of them, all along the main road of Lado Sarai.

The Exhibition is on until 9th January but ring just to make sure about opening hours over the Xmas and New Year holiday. The Curator is Jose who would be more then happy to show you around and explain some of the art work to you or to your group.
Abadi Art Space

Jose Abad
F - 213 / A 1st Floor
Lado Sarai
New Delhi
Tl: + 91 9873665860
Tl: + 91 (0) 11 41078186
E-mai: jose@abadiart.com
Web: www.abadiart.com

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  1. Fabulous. This was the show that inspired my performance during the following show "Black and White."


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