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Wednesday, 9 November 2016


So we have been Trumped and my Braggadacious Predictions are hollow for Hillary and she will fade into her Foundation. I ascribe some of her loss of votes to the many disenfranchised white men who see their ever diminishing role in the world but are unable to even think about giving a woman the top job, even though the only man around is such a poor specimen. But how about the women who voted for him or the ethnic minorities, how on earth can we explain or justify their actions ? Is their desperation so complete that they are left with no choice ? So we have to ask ourselves how we have let them down to this extent, how the gap between rich and poor is yawning wider and what on earth can be done about it. 

We hang our heads and ponder at the madness in the world and the difficulties faced by ordinary and good people when they are given hope by such empty and dangerous rhetoric. He is sowing the seeds of bigotry and injustice, racism and sexism and sadly the persons that will be let down, will be his  gullible supporters who will realise that his words are as empty as his plans. Lets hope so, as some of his threatened actions may border on the positively dangerous. 

America you will need all the help you can get after eight glorious years of Obama and Michelle and their wonderful family. What a disappointment for them as they watch their work getting undone and their efforts thrown away. And for what ? All that money spent for the campaign would have pulled a  fair few Americans out of their property trap, given a livelihood to refugees, those that are allowed to come in, and probably bolstered many enterprises. Instead it has all been gobbled up by big business, TV channels and bloody awful pollsters who should offer to govern in his place, as a penance for getting it wrong. Well, wrong in my eyes at least, but I fear even those with him, wont stick around for very long. The reality and the disenchantment are not too far down the line.

America will struggle to be great again, it has now receded so far into the dark days, that it can no longer even be considered a contender anymore. 

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