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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Braggadacious predictions.

After my last post on the glorious Miss Olive Pink, a human being memorable for all the right reasons, I have to direct my attention, albeit reluctantly to Mr Donald Trump for the sake of a historical record. I am appalled at how many column inches have been devoted to this man, I am appalled at how anyone within the Republican party could have ever considered him suitable material for the top job and I am appalled at how the media has played on this to make him the monster that he has become. The other day Katty Kay a respected BBC journalist suggested that Trump had won the second debate - on what grounds I ask her and all of you ? the issues, the policies, or that sickening statement that he has utmost respect for women, while engaging in Locker room banter which lets be clear, is not banter, but an endorsement for sexual assault?

In spite of all of this, I would like to believe that Hillary is well on her way to becoming the next President of the US. There are so many reasons why choosing Hillary is head and shoulders above the only deplorable alternative the Republicans have to offer and I hope I can be  "Braggadacious" but humble in my prediction post election. 

If not, and we are "Trumped",  then it will be extremely difficult to pick myself off the floor and start again. The world is becoming quite unpredictable and it has been proving to be an uphill struggle, Brexit, Syria, Colombia all going against what the majority of reasonable -minded people might expect. I am wary and anxious about my own country going through a democratic process and referendum shortly which will make or break its own future. And talking about futures, sadly it will not be long before those voters realise that the Donald is not the salvation that they are looking for. Politicians rarely are, but this one in particular is nothing short of shameful and nothing good will grow from any of the seeds he is sowing. 

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