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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Lives that matter.

Throughout my peripatetic professional life, I was lucky enough to work with some inspirational people and today I feel I need to talk about them. They gave me direction and support, knowledge and skills sets, some of which I use every day. Yesterday, the last of my bosses passed away at the unbearably early age of 60. This is a time in my life which will fade into oblivion as I get older yet it was seminal and significant in shaping who I am and my beliefs. The people who I worked with, and supported me for that time in my life are hugely important and this is the only way I know now, (this may change) to tell them how much they meant to me and to pay my respects to each and everyone.

Tassos Papadopolous, Eoka fighter, incisive lawyer, Member of Parliament and Minister in Makarios government, politician and President of the Cyprus Republic from the years 2003 - 2008.  I found my niche in an office which grew exponentially as the offshore business came to the island. More importantly I was able to participate in the politics of the island and hear its history from someone instrumental in its shaping.

John Silvester - One of Kenya's first Rhode Scholars, distinguished Lawyer, Senior Partner in Hamilton Harrison and Mathews, the epitome of a gentleman and a man totally in command of complex issues which he handled with calmness and rationality at all times. His loving wife Sue Silvester always thoughtful, brought us children's books on Africa which still grace the boy's bookshelves, while the collapsible wooden seats, are piled high with information about wildlife as befits them.

Mike Somen, effervescent, witty and funny and the love of so many commercial entities in Africa because he got the job done.The other senior partner in Hamilton Harrison and Mathews. An Arsenal supporter and a lover of formula one races. We had hilarious exchanges in my office and continued to correspond long after I left Africa, the last one being the week of his birthday this year on the 2nd of March. He died on the 10th and I was hugely upset at hearing this news.

Lastly but by no means least Thea Henley, Mother of Zara and Laila but also protector of Children's rights throughout the UK and beyond. The cornerstone of the National Youth Advocacy Service and a fiery children's rights lawyer and passionate champion of their rightful place in legal proceedings.She sadly passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. 


They all fought for what they believed in, in the best way they knew. They were professionals  of the highest order, nurturing, and instructive and I was lucky enough to have had them in my life.They will not be forgotten. But also when my children start asking some of the questions which are always left too late, there is something here which will give them some of the clues about who shaped me and why. Photos fade, flowers wilt, but the written word cannot be easily erased. 

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