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Mezze is widely served in the Greek and Middle eastern world. An assortment of little dishes and tasters which accompany a nice ouzo or a glass of wine. So when you read mezze moments you will have tasty snippets of life as I live it, India for four years and now Brisbane Australia, all served up with some Greek fervour and passion.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Launceston - The little northern lovely

Its the V in the heart, the only inland town but with plenty of water around and famous for having the Cataract Gorge, underground sewers and hydro electricity. It was named after a town in Cornwall.

There is a fierce rivalry with Hobart, the capital of Tasmania,  as Jeremy our captain on the Cataract Gorge tour told us. Its very picturesque. We stayed in a hotel which was once a dry dock and we looked over the rivers, the South Esk and the North Esk which form the Tamar River.  We headed into the Gorge. This is where further up they installed the first hydro electric power station which gave the city electricity in 1895. Impressive.
 The hotel over looking the rivers.
 Some of the heritage architecture of Launceston. 
The little cottage was originally for collecting tolls at the entrance of the Gorge. The walkway which goes all the way along was built by volunteers and there are some magnificent walks to be had here, complete with peacocks, chairlifts and swimming pools.

Queen Victoria in the Botanical Gardens checking things over. 
 This magnificent clock tower on the Post office Building

This last picture seemed time warped but there is no accounting for everyones pastimes !

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