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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dear Lord Mayor ...

Dear Lord Mayor of Brisbane and Team Brisbane,

We have walked our socks off, marveled at the colours of the city, enjoyed the circus acts, the Latin parties, girls walking on water, swayed with the rhythms of the Zumba classes and Disco Balls and watched everyone having so much fun and we are only half way through it –

The big question is will we stand the course, is there more and how will it all end ? Cant wait for next week and all that is on offer as we watch the world coming to Brisbane.

We love what you have done and wondered how some ideas came to fruition. We applauded the diversity and the quirkiness – Brisbane at its heart.

We know that the city will welcome the summit and the leaders.

Do you think we can keep the lights ? We love them and they light up the city. Why just for the G20, and why not for the Brisbane Festival as well perhaps. 

Just one small request Lord Mayor, can you slow down – we can’t keep up.

An exhausted but happy resident. 

More on the Parade tomorrow - too tired to write anymore ! 

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