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Saturday, 24 August 2013

EKKA animals

I have been a little late in posting this. Just too much going on. EKKA is a wonderful show not least because of all the variety and this posting is dedicated to the animal side of it which after all is how it all began. A day is hardly enough time to go through all the animals that appear so this is a potted animal blog. The horses, Arabian, cart horses, miniatures, Appaloosa ( almost like dalmatians).  The bulls magnificent animals that they are. The llamas and the sheep, but also an enormous section on poultry and pigeons which I initially ignored only to be presented with the most unbelievable feathered creatures I had never seen. And that is not even going into the cats and fish which were also on display.

Probably the most popular section was a central pen which welcomed families in to feed the animals. Little lambs and goats, calves and piggies all milling around with little humans who fed them, petted them and interacted with them. There was also a lambing area where you could see a lamb being born.

For me however the best of all were the dogs who had their own little pens. In between competitions and events we could wander around and really enjoy talking to the owners and watching the dogs being groomed and cared for. These were show dogs so blow drying them and giving them some quite special grooming was standard. We fell in love with a Labrador called Sami, a pup of about 6 months who had a beautiful face. I suppose he reminded us of Tara.

This is Sami - he didn't win but got the biggest round of applause !

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