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Monday, 8 April 2013

Oz openness

I am liking what I see more and more. On Television the adverts are humorous and fun and get the message across without being clawing, celebrity driven or boring. Love -em 

In real life they are caring and thoughtful of others, getting up for elders on the bus, helping mums with babes, but above all being open and friendly. Sat at the bus stop waiting for the bus and a woman next to me opened a bottle of perfume and sprayed some in the air. Nice I said and that was it....we started chatting and she was so knowledgeable about Cyprus and all that had gone on, had lived abroad and was warm and welcoming. By the time I got off the bus we had exchanged cards with promises of meeting up in the near future. 

Consideration is given to the indigenous people at every opportunity and it is welcome and genuine. 

And then there is society at large and for me trying to find my feet I look around at what is on offer and I giggle at the originality and the openness. 

Jelly at the Edge - a group for independent people who want to meet up and work together 

Brisbane Transvestites and Cross dressers - pretty self explanatory 

Sugar cubes, Oh my, its high tea time - women enjoying fine china and high teas. 

Tall single professionals ( not for me !) 

Breakfast with a Twist- Brisbane Gay and Lesbian Business Network 

The art of Story telling in a Pitch - getting your business pitch just right 

Brisbane Rationalists for a really good debate 


Brisbane Hiking Dykes ....

To mention just a few of the more memorable groups. Not sure any of the above are my cup of tea but still looking and will let you know how it goes. 

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