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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Taxes = Infrastructure =/= not here

I have lived in India for three years and in that time I have written about the road I travel on every day.  The road has open sewers, so floods quite badly but especially so in the monsoons. In the first year we came the road was repaired almost as soon as the monsoon was over. The second  year the road was so bad they put down broken bricks and building debris in the huge pot holes that had developed.This third year the road has deteriorated to such an extent that most people avoid it, thereby actually causing more damage to neighbouring roads which are less frequented. Year in, year out, the road floods, men dig into the sewers, extract the dirt at the side of the road, the water flows for a bit until all the dirt falls back in and we are back to square one.

Year ONE

The other week I took my son for lunch and we enjoyed a very nice Bento Box at a lovely restaurant. For the meal which was quite moderately priced I paid a good portion of that bill in taxes.I would not mind one bit if I could confidently say that the taxes are needed and USED for the infrastructure of the city.

Sadly three years later and I can confidently say the road is worse than it was when we first arrived. Why don't the residents complain, where are the welfare associations, why is this not properly addressed once and for all ?



Meantime up the road in Vasant Khunj another mega mall is in the process of blocking out the sky line. Just not right the right way round in my humble opinion.


  1. The current shabby Governance of India can be traced back to the events of 1947, when India had just gained freedom from the British, after 300 years of valiant struggle, which saw thousands of noble Indian freedom-fighters being hanged by the British scoundrels.

    Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian Freedom Struggle, in a King-Lear-like moment of senility, handed over the keys to the First Government of Free India to his evil protege Jawaharlal Nehru (Jawaharlal Khan ? ), thereby overlooking the just claims of his good protege, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to the Prime-Ministership of India.

    Under the UN-mandated partition of India into India and Pakistan, the Hindus of the subcontinent would reside in India, and the Muslims would reside in Pakistan and in Bangladesh. This meant an exchange of Populations. Nehru, true to his Moslem roots, asked the Muslims in India to remain back in India. While the few Hindus that foolhardily chose to remain in Pakistan after 1947 were ethnically-cleansed out by the Muslims of Pakistan, the Muslims that remained in India, defying all of the Indian Government's Family-Planning-Norms, have multiplied 100-fold in Population.

    India is actually ruled by a Sultanate,
    established by the First Prime-Minister of India Jawaharlal. The succession diagram is :
    Jawaharlal --> his daughter Indira ---> her son Rajiv ---> his widow Antonia Maino ---> her son Raoul Maino. Antonia Maino and her Congress Party have "won" the last two Parliamentary Elections through massive electoral fraud.

    Jawaharlal and his evil progeny have looted the Nation for the last 70 years, amassing Trillions of Dollars of Indian-Taxpayer-Money in their personal Swiss-Bank coffers. This is why there is no infrastructure in India.

    This is in sharp contrast to a brief interim period when the Opposition Bharatiya Janata Party managed to wrest control of the Government in the 1990's. Their governance witnessed massie development of India.

    And now you know why your roads will keep flooding EVERY single monsoon !


  2. People get the services they deserve. Most people in India don't pay taxes, steal electricity, build unauthorised additions to their homes. I know that neither the Greeks do all of these above-mentioned things, but unlike Greece India does not have a rich Uncle Sam subsidising essential infrastructure. Therefore, tax evasion equals no roads, electricity supply, or good public schools. No point blaming the government, when was the last time people chose willingly to not evade their taxes and to pay for their electricity consumption?

  3. Some interesting points raised but both from rather pointed perspectives - either way, whether Congress or BJP, whether paying taxes or not paying these are the issues that India faces and unless something is done, I find it hard to see how it will continue to claim a top spot among the BRIG. MM

  4. I find your choice of words interesting - "top spot among the BRIC". The reason most outsiders have never figured out India is that they don't understand that most Indians don't give a rat's behind about BRIC, USA, Europe, etc. The only international competition that matters is whether we win over Pakistan in international cricket. No, seriously. India sets its own pace, lives its own rhythms and there is no point naming and shaming because in the end - we just DON'T care about models and comparisons and international standings. We are like that, only.

    1. The Jawaharlal-Khan-Sultanate ( Jawaharlal---> Indira ---> Rajiv---> Antonia Maino ---> Raoul Maino ) has for 70 long years relied upon the twin Opiums-of-the-Masses, Bollywood and Cricket, to keep the People of India in a Permanent Drugged-Out-Stupor, so that the People of India don't wake up, open their eyes and see the reality of their own pathetic poverty-filled-lives, which is in stark contrast to the vulgar opulence enjoyed by the Jawaharlal-Khan-Sultanate.

      The Perma-Stupor induced by these twin Opiums prevents the Pople of India from waking up and seeing their Tax-Rupees being stolen by the Sultanate, and being spirited away to the personal Swiss-Bank-accounts of the Jawaharlal-Khan-Sultanate.

      If it weren't for the twin Opiums of Bollywood and Cricket, there would have been a People's Revolution a long time ago, and the evil Sultanate would have been deposed and overthrown, a long, long time ago, and India wold have become a SuperPower.



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