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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Caption capers

I take total delight in going through the paper, The Times of India , every morning - a cup of coffee in hand, the fan on full and not a soul to disturb me. Its a rich resource and one which astounds me as it is offered at the unbelievable price of 5 Rupees. That is the amazingly low price of GBP 0.05p to you and me. The English is a little old fashioned but much fun.It has introduced me to words I had never heard of  and has explained Indian politics and current events in an informative and possibly fair manner though, not being Indian I may not be a good judge of that. What I love best are the quirky captions which are just hilarious.

Doors with motion sensors at AIIMS let in monkeys. Times of India 9.07.2011

Teacher comes to school drunk, makes girls dance, boys sing, held.Times of India 13.07.11

Doc pulls out wrong tooth, finds it in the bin and replants it 2 hrs later. The Times 12.09.11

20 traffic cops flunk fitness test, rested. Times of India 19.10.11

Fats in the fire as edible oil prices rise 10% Times of India 3.04.12

Milk on the boil , prices set to rise.

Goa ice cream shop owner filmed urinating in Milkshake container.  Times of India 21.06.12

Hindu marriages tie non Hindus in knots. Times of India 24.06.12

Women join Q for the right to P !

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  1. :D haha! I guess I never notice the captions ,must be because Im so used to them :) :)


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