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Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 What kind of a year ?

Will it be the end of the world as some calenders like to forecast, the end of the eurozone area as a fiscal unit, the end of the euro as we have known it, the end of Britain in Europe, the end of unleashed spending, the end of Obama, the end of dictators and autocrats the world over, the end of the boom of the Indian economy, the end of Congress's rule in India,  the end of protests?
Or the beginning of something even more exciting, the imposition of some checks and balances, the establishment of a united states of Europe and fledgling democracies spreading their wings.The re-election of an American president who can speak eloquently and effortlessly on the work that needs to be done even if the doing is limited by the obstacles he finds along his path, the growth of markets in ways which allows commerce and industry and new jobs to be created for the sake of all our children and the re-establishment in all our hearts and minds that less is more, that the basics are enough, that the limitless and often thoughtless spending of previous years is simply not where we should be heading.
A chance to pick up the history books and literature and loose ourselves in them, a chance to explore a little corner of our existing world before it changes beyond recognition, a moment when we can gather our families closer, in as much for economies of scale as from our want to be with them and share more with them. 
I am quietly but positively optimistic that the unpredictability of 2011 will inform and be a platform from which good can grow and stability and growth can take hold. That is my wish for 2012.
 To all of you Happy New Year and health and happiness worldwide.

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