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Monday, 12 December 2011

Delhi 100

Today is Delhi's 100th birthday as we know it.Happy Birthday Delhi !
On 12 December, 1911 the Capital of  India was shifted from Kolkata to Delhi. This made Delhi the political centre for ruling the Indian sub-continent. This was not the first time that Delhi became a capital.
Between the 12th and the 19th century AD, Delhi was the capital for many rulers. Siri, Tughlakabad, Jahanapanah, Ferozabad, Dinpanah, Shergarh and Shahajahanabad are the historic ‘seven cities’ that existed. The eighth city, New Delhi, as we know it was built by the British with the help of Lutyens and Baker and is the one which is celebrating its 100 years today and in which I live.

This is where it all began:
At Coronation Park in North Delhi on the 12th of December 1911 at the Durbar celebrating the visit of George V and Queen Mary to India . It became a tented city of some splendour and the pictures of the processions and the celebrations are truly impressive.
The flowing gown in stone of George V
Some of you who follow the blog may recall that I blogged about this some months back and said I would go back to check the MDCs plans to overhaul this historic but much neglected site. Sadly everything is in turmoil and this is the picture of Coronation Park on its centenary.It will eventually be done but not for this important date.
The last two images are to me powerful reminders of how in 100 years and despite the tremendous growth and development of India on some levels,  little had changed for the common man on the street who is still there in his threadbare garments chiselling the stone with a simple hammer as he and his forefathers have done for centuries.


  1. Did you know there is a legend that whoever tries to build a new city in Delhi will see their rule come to an end very soon? I guess the Brits didn't know that. On the stone mason's picture - while there are plenty of poor people, I wouldn't feel too sorry for the artisan in "threadbare clothes chiselling away". He's a skilled labourer who probably gets paid far more than the illegal Bangladeshi migrant crowding around your car window at the traffic light. As for the shabby clothes, I once made the mistake of asking one such worker why he dressed so badly when he made good pay, only to be asked sarcastically in return, "Which ullu ka pattha (bloody damn fool) wears poshak (Sunday best) to do work?" No doubt he meant upper class twits who do no work with their hands,i.e. me and all of us.

  2. Thanks for your comment though I have to say i do not share some of your rationale. MM


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