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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Commonwealth extravaganza and Snafus

Well it was almost alright on the night and Delhi put on a great display which was a celebration of its cultural richness and diversity which was not unlike the festivites of a great big extravagant Indian wedding. The show did justice to all the efforts that were put in by the thousands of volunteers.

The best bit for me was when the India Times described it as follows;

"Shrugging off all the heartburns, last minute snafus and accompanying chaos everything fell into place"...

SNAFUS ?? what a delightful expression and one which completely encapsulates the essence of last minute jitters.Could they have meant snuffles, sniffs ...who knows SNAFUS for me is what it is all about.

My Indian friend described it as the best opening ever. She said that it was vibrant, colourful, and very much more visually stunning then the television version of it. She found it moving and uplifting.She and her family paid 5000 Rupees per ticket equivalent to approximately £70.Way way beyond what an ordinary Indian family can pay.

My French friend who is an expatriate living here went courtesy of her Indian landlord who paid a mere 50,000 rupees per ticket that is a cool £700 per ticket ! Now that is WAY MORE than even most expat families would be willing to pay but remember there are lots of very rich indians here. She said  "we stood up for 2.5 hours, under the sun, no water allowed, did not see any doctor, nurse, facilities in case of emergency, a poor guy trying to get his wheel chair inside the crowd, children suffocating, as well as me at a certain point...It was a journey to get to our seats. Really thought that it could have turned really badly...But then again, it is what they call, the “indian miracle”, we got in, sat, and could finally watch the whole ceremony."

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